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Finding Backpacker Jobs Sydney Style

Welcome to finding Backpacker Jobs, Sydney a place where your first hangover is the only blinding, hazy remainder of what once used to be your savings account. It doesn’t take long in Sydney before you realise if you don’t find work soon you will probably end up working on corners, selling all your possessions or begging for shrapnel just to keep a roof over your head and fund your maddening, insatiable thirst for goon.

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Bar Work

When the thirst gets too much and you need to go find work. I would recommend forking out the $100 to get your RSA(responsible service of alcohol) and try get yourself a bar job.
There are a few great groups on Facebook that may help find Backpacker Jobs in Sydney. Such as “The Sydney Bartender Exchange” or  “The Melbourne Bartender Exchange”.
If there are poker machines in the venue you will need your RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling). You can often get this in a package with your RSA.
Bar jobs in our opinion are the best option for travellers. As you get to support your fully developed alcohol addiction and you also have a lot of days off where you can spend plenty of time on the beach relaxing or seeing the sights. They are fun social places where it is super easy to make friends with locals and travellers alike. Also because hospitality staff have to endure everyone else in the Xmas break getting white girl wasted and throwing up on each others faces, handbags etc. They usually have amazing staff parties!! Definitely stick it out until then.

Bar rates vary but low to mid-twenties should be expected as entry level on an hourly rate.

Hi it is Trent here, I recently did my NSW RSA to work in a bar. I think I have found the only website to do the course online…like in your hostel bed!
EOT is the name of the company. EOT only charges you AFTER you successfully complete the course as I indeed experienced. If you fail questions during marking they give you more chances to fix up your incorrect answers so don’t stress about it all. With difficult questions I recommend downloading the course content to your computer and using the ‘Find’ feature (CTRL & F buttons).

Construction Job

If Bar work is not your thing. A lot of the lads often fork out $40 to get their White card (a card allowing you to work on construction sites), buy some fluro’s and get up at 5am every morning to work as a laborer. The work is not glorious but it’s easy to find and reasonably well paying. Roughly $25 per hour.

These backpacker jobs in Sydney will usually get you an authentic VB drinking, Winny Blue smoking, flanno wearing Australian experience. You might have to bust your ass 5 days a week shoveling dirt and mixing concrete on a job site but at least you have the weekend where you can go out and rage it with the majority of Australia and you won’t need to pay for a gym membership.

Try the “Jobs” section on or contacts Hays Recruitment.

Traffic Control Employment

If you don’t mind standing around in one place all day and spinning a stop sign around, traffic control could be a good option. While working as a traffic controller time may move slower than sloth on downers but what it lacks in entertainment it makes up for in wage.

In the traffic control biz the rate per hour varies from $23 to $35 per hour.  However, you need to do a two-day course for your Blue and Yellow card ($100-$150) as well as your white card ($40).

Some times you have to spend a bit of money for simple qualifications to find the right backpacker jobs Sydney wide

Travel Agent Work

Finally, you could be a travel agent. I believe with a lot of the big travel agency companies in Australia, it’s actually in their employment package to hire foreigners. So as a traveller this is a great line of work and should be somewhat easy to get a job. Make sure you checkout the travel agencys based in hostels as well. You will find plenty of travel agents by walking down George st or in Kings Cross

There are a lot of great travel perks that will really bring the cost down on your East Coast trip and get you out there and experiencing a lot of Australia. Opertunitys aslo exist to transfer stores and city.

Just be sure to remember your good old pals at Coast Warriors.

No matter what work you do. Don’t settle for pay below $20 an hour. You are likely getting ripped off and will struggle to make ends meat. This may not apply for commission based jobs. We wish you all the luck finding your perfect Backpacker Jobs, Sydney is full of opportunities waiting to be found!

Regional Work for second year VISA
If you are looking for your 88 days of regional work, it is best to ask around your hostels as everyone likes to help everyone out. There is lots of places on the East Coast of Australia though there is also a lot of travellers competing for those positions. We really recommend looking into other parts of Australia such as Western Australia or South Australia. Below is a link to a large Facebook group that could be of assistance to you. Good Luck


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