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Sydney Backpacker Bars

The best bars, the best nights, the best sites.

Check out the Coast Warriors guide to partying in Sydney. We have done the hard yards and partied at them all to bring you Sydney’s best Backpacker Bars and nightlife. For the boys make sure you check our guide on how to get past the bouncers . See you at the club!

SASH (North Sydney & Darling Harbour), Ivy Pool party

Jungle (Central) & Side Bar (Central)

World Bar (Kings Cross), Establishment (Wynyard)

Side Bar (Central), Scary Canary (Townhall), Beach Road (Bondi), The Golden Sheaf (Double Bay)

Ivy (Wynyard), Greenwood (North Sydney)

Everywhere! Goro’s, The Beresford Hotel (Surry Hills), Newtown Hotel, Black Sheep & The Courthouse (Newtown), Chinese Laundry (Town Hall)

Everywhere! Bungalow 8, Cargo Bar & Pontoon (Darling Harbour), The Argyle, The Glenmore Hotel & The Orient (The Rocks), Newtown Hotel & Marlybar (Newtown) Picture Balcony of North Bondi RSL Sydneys Backpacker Bars: Scubar Downunder, Side Bar and Scary Canary

Sydney Cool bars and Speak easy’s:
Shady Pines(Darlinghurst), Earl’s Juke Joint & Marys (Newtown),The Baxter Inn, Lobo Plantation (Town Hall) Frankies Pizza (Wynyard), The Soda Factory (Museum),

NO Lockout Bars:
Pyrmont Bridge Hotel & Star City Casino (Pyrmont), Strawberry Hills Hotel (Central), Marly Bar & Bank Hotel (Newtown)

Opera Bar-
View of the skyline and Harbour Bridge (Great for Sunset)

Cruise Bar-
View of the skyline and Opera house ~Blu Bar @ Shangri La (Level 36): View of everything and amazing (No singlets/vests or shorts, avoid weekends)

The Glenmore Hotel-
View of the city from within the city (Go straight up to the roof top as downstairs is nothing special)

The Bar At The End Of The Wharf-
View of the Harbour Bridge and North Sydney (Circular Quay)

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel-
View of Sydney from a distance (use a public ferry, be sure to know the last return ferry time) Bondi Beach:

Getting past Sydney Backpacker Bars Bouncers (mainly for guys)


Sydney Backpacker bars door staff (infact all door staff no matter where you go) are renowned for being excessively strict. Sometimes Sydney bars feel like they are harder to get into than the notorious Berlin super club, Berghain. More often than not you hit the town full of excitement for the night ahead only to be met by disappointment as some power-tripping door man has rejected you from entering the club. Ruining your night before it even started. That is unless you are a lady, then its a whole lot easier. So to help those of you new to the nightlife scene in Sydney and the trials and tribulations that come with it, We thought we would give you guys a hand. How many drinks have you had tonight?? This question has no real right answer, but avoid uncertainty at all cost. Be ready and have a line prepared. If you have had a few and say “one or two” or they are going to call you out on your lie resulting in you out in the cold. However being honest and saying ” 8 or 9, but who is counting” you are sure to be rejected as well. We have found that along with confidence, the more detail the better. The main thing to remember to compose yourselves in lines, partner up with girls in your group, If you are a big group of lads go in two’s and be prepared for the bouncers questions. Good luck.


Sydney Tourist Information

Because you can not party 24 7 forever

Other Cool Things to do whilst in Sydney! Why not get to know Sydney with a free walking tour ‘I’m Free Walking Tours‘ runs three times a day and is a fun and informative introduction to Sydney.  Fancy a cool Coastal walk? Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Sydneys most popular walks and a top ten activity on TripAdvisor . Want to have some beers at a small Aussie brewery? Young Henrys is a popular local beer that is actually brewed in the backstreets of Newtown & many Sydney-siders are not even aware!  Dont forget Darling Harbour!!!! Full of bars, cafes and restaurants on Sydneys lesser known little harbor. Sunset beers at The Watershed is nice. Sunset in the park overlooking the harbour & city!

A cool park with million dollar views, great place to read a book . If you take alcohol keep it discreet as it is an alcohol free zone.  Camperdown Memorial Park (Newtown) A sweet big park behind Newtown full of fun youth, dogs and atmosphere. Tight rope and fire dancers often practice here. Ever tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Do it in a quiet part of one of the worlds most famous harbours! More to come

Getting to/from the airport

The airport train stations are Sydneys only private train stations. These stations are own by Macqaurie Bank and they charge ridiculous prices just merely to use their platforms. For roughly the same price you can get a direct airport transfer to your hostel/hotel. We suggest contacting your accommodation as they will offer you the best price, sometimes free. Rough price is $13-$15.

Getting round town

So Sydney can be quite spaced out. For those living in the CBD (Buildings) or Kings  Cross everywhere is walkable depending on the individual. If you are in Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach, Manly (far from Sydney)  then  you definetily will be needing an Opal card. Opal cards can be purchased from all train stations, newsagents, convenience stores and supermarkets (and airports). There is single fare paper tickets available though they are rather pricey. Opal tickets are capped at only$2.50 on Sundays….great day to get the ferry  over to Manly!

Need a sim card with data

Every convenience store, petrol station and supermarket sells sim cards….not just the phone shops at the airport. Please note all sim cards purchased in Austalia can be used nation wide. In Strayla our main carriers are Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. The best valued pre paid deals are smaller providers that are substantially cheaper than what is offered by Telstra, Optus & Vodafone yet they still use the same networks. Amaysim is a great value sim card that uses optus and can be purchased almost anywhere. For those that can get to a Coles then check out Coles Mobile (optus). Thats the current pick.


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