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Blue Mountains Tour With Coast Warriors

Need to escape the crowded streets, noisy cars and chaos that comes along with Sydney city life? Well Guess what?! It’s time to Leave Grandad at the pub, get back in touch with mother nature and come with us on our highly regarded,18-mid 30’s, backpacker orientated Blue Mountains tour.

Really see what the Blue Mountains has to offer as we take you to several breathtaking lookouts, where you can set your gaze upon the monolithic walls of the great dividing mountain range, view the vast sweeping canopies of Eucalyptus trees in the Jamison Valley, get up close with the iconic Three Sisters at Echo point and hike through bush trails to the 187M tall Wentworth Falls and Katoomba Cascade.

Throughout the day you will also visit several quaint mountain towns such as Glenbrook, Katoomba and Leura. You will get to check out local wildlife such as, Lyre birds, Cockatoos, Kookaburras and Kangaroos. You will even get the chance to throw a boomerang, see some top secret Coast Warriors viewpoints and get a free drink and food at a local bar at the end of the tour.

What makes us different to other Blue Mountains tour companies?

Coast Warriors provides a free, authentic, quality, Aussie BBQ that includes kangaroo, sausages and more! If you don’t eat meat because you love animals or you just really hate vegetables and what to ensure their destruction by a strict vegetarian diet. We have fulfilling meal options for you so you don’t go hungry.

Finally, Coast Warriors tours are organised and run by local, handsome guides that endeavour to create an experience that toes the line between an informative, guided tour and travelling with friends.


We were at Blue Mountains trip and it was gorgeous. The guys are absolutely amazing. They took us to some tourist must see places and also to some that totally off the tourist map. The trip was well organised and so much fun.


One of the best tour I had in my life. Kept on laughing while enjoying the trip with all the fun facts from Nick and James (our guides) along with the rest of our tour group. The best part is you find new friends at the end of your trip.


The scenery at the blue mountains were incredible, however for us it was the guides who really made the experience! We had so much fun and would definitely recommend these guys to anyone!


Blue Mountains Tour |Day Trip Description 

The Coast Warriors Blue Mountains Tour adventure commences early in the morning, as you and other backpackers shuffle yourselves to the meet up point like a horde of sleep deprived, residual alcohol affected zombies. Your first interaction with Coast Warriors is when you woken from your undead like state by one of our crazy hat clad, coffee drenched guides yelling out the bus window at the horde with a megaphone. Everyone shuffles on the bus and have a bit over an hour to acquaint themselves with the group before we hit our first stop Glenbrook, hometown of one of our awesome guides. We stop here for take away breakfast, coffee, drinks and bathrooms before we head up the Mountains and get your tour underway.

Trudy powers up the mountain for another 45 mins driving through Katoomba and stopping at Echo Point. From there you embark on an informative hike to the Honeymoon bridge, See and learn about the aboriginally significant, Iconic landmark the Three Sisters and visit the nearby Katoomba Cascades.

We then head back down the mountain to Wentworth Falls. From there we do an Approx. 90min nature enclosed hike down to the Undercliff walk, Stairs of Doom and National Pass to several amazing viewpoints of the Jamison Valley and the breathtaking 187M tall Wentworth Falls.

All that sightseeing makes people hungry, after your hike you come back to your Aussie BBQ lunch.

We then head down the Mountain down deep into the national park and down some bush track to a clearing that is a popular kangaroo hang out. After getting a few snaps of kangaroos and throwing a boomerang we head to a couple top secret Coast Warriors viewpoints we only know of because of our wealth of local knowledge.
People generally end up talking themselves to sleep on our return drive back to Sydney city. On arrival we get out our megaphone and wake you guys all up.
The tour might be over but it’s not time to say goodbye yet.

We head as a group to a nearby bar for a free drink and food to wrap up the great day on our Blue Mountains Tour.

 Blue Mountains Tour Pricing and Details

$85 ($70 each full bus charter) 

Frequency: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays *NOT RUNNING ON THE 26/04/17*

Departure Times: 7:15am – Kings Cross pick up, out the front of the Holiday Inn (please arrive 15 mins early) 730am – City Central YHA pick up (please arrive 15 mins early)

Duration:A 10+ hours Bring: Drinking water, walking footwear, camera, smile, swimming clothes, towel

Requirements: 18 to mid 30s please


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