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Coast Warriors is a fresh tour operator that offers 5 star experiences to Sydney’s best spots. After backpacking close to 40 countries I decided to return to Australia and create a Sydney tour option that is different from all the rest. Our day trips have been pieced together by locals with quality and customer satisfaction being key. Every tour is run a young n fun, local Australian guide that really connects with the group on our Aussie Adventure. On all our tours you get to try Kangaroo, Tim Tams, Vegemite and there is a big BBQ lunch to weigh you down. Our tours are less of a standard tour and more of a group of mates travelling together as is often said by our customers and we generally fill our tours via recommendations.…🤙thanks guys✌

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🇦🇺 Run By Young locals

🇦🇺 Local secret spots

🇦🇺 Non commercial vibe

🇦🇺 Sydney’s best Aussie bus

🇦🇺  Plastic Free Lunches

🇦🇺  Non Touristy Adventures

🇦🇺  Tim Tams & Vegemite

🇦🇺  Great for Solo Travellers

🇦🇺 Aussie bbq on all tours

🇦🇺 Small & social groups

🇦🇺 BYO drinks

🇦🇺 Five star reviews

Blue Mountains Tour

Come visit several of the Blue Mountains best spots on Coast Warriors Blue Mountains Tour including The famous Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, Jamison Valley, Katoomba, Govetts Leap and of course our big Aussie BBQ lunch

Port Stephens Tour

Come up north to the beautiful Port Stephens in Nelson Bay for a day of laying in the sunshine, snorkelling off shore rock pools, dolphin watching (optional extra $20) , thrilling sand boarding and amazing views. A real fun and Aussie beach day!

Jervis Bay Tour

Join Coast Warriors as we visit the beautiful Jervis bay! Checking out all the best spots there and along the way.  Including Huskisson, Hyams Beach, The waters of Jervis Bay, Kiama, Bald Hill and an awesome dolphin cruise. BBQ lunch included!

Royal National Park Tour

Coast Warriors RNP day trip is all about sunbathing & swimming at secluded beaches and swimming holes a bit of coastal walks and having the famous Coast Warriors bbq lunch. Come and let us locals show you a ‘fun in the sun’ day out!

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Zach and Nick are awesome! They are just very loveable and fun to be around without putting on a role..just a pleasure! Enjoy your trip 🙂

| Charlott |



This was probably the most fun tour I have been on my whole life. Besides the amazing views and hikes on the mountains, the tour guides Trent & Nick are really what made the experience so great

| Kristen |

Your Tour Guides


At Coast Warriors we think of our tours as personal experiences with our new friends. Meet the sexy crew and feel free to contact us anytime



Sexy Driver

Trent Hanrahan was en route to an assignment in Malaysia when his plane crashed over the Pacific Ocean during a storm. The sole survivor of the flight, Trent was washed ashore on a deserted island. His efforts to sail away and contact help failed, so he was forced to learn how to survive on the island, where he remained for years, accompanied by only his handmade volleyball friend, Wilson. Upon realising he was only on Cockatoo Island he promptly got the ferry over to the mainland and back to civilisation. He found his wife had presumed him dead and now remarried. His ties to his previous life were long forgotten. He then Co-Started Coast Warriors to spread the story of his life-changing travel mishap and share his survival skills he developed with those who need it most. Backpackers



Sexy Man

Jealous of Abe’s beauty, a wicked queen ordered his murder, but later discovered that Abe is still alive and was hiding in a cottage with seven friendly midget miners. She disguised herself as a hag and brought Abe a poisoned apple. After eating the apple he falls into a death-like sleep that can be broken only by a kiss from the princess. Awoken from is slumber Abe usurped the wicked queen who made an attempt at his life and lived happily as king. He soon grew disinterested of royal life and dumped the princess because she was too clingy. He found fulfilment in travel and embarked to Sydney where he Co-Started Coast Warriors.



Sexy Guide

Vietnam veteran and drifter Monni wandered into a small Washington town in search of an old friend, but was met with intolerance and brutality by the local sheriff, Bill Cheasle. Cheasle and her deputies restrained and shaved Monni which triggered flash backs to his time as a prisoner of war and as a result Monni unleashed her fury on the officers. She narrowly escaped the manhunt and it took her former commander to save the hunters from the hunted. Upon returning back to Australia she joined Coast Warriors as an attempt to live life to the fullest and serve as a distraction to escape her dark past.



The Mum

Formerly the infamous and feared leader of the Buscepticons and archenemy of the autobus, She aimed capture the Tall Spark, use it to liberate all machines on earth and create an army to conquer the universe. The battle for the Tall spark was long and brutal. It resulted in Trudy being presumed to have died in an explosion. After her new death experience, she lost her desire for universal domination and fled to Australia to start anew. With her new positive outlook on life she learnt to love her fleshy overlords as she worked at a retirement village transporting old folk to bingo and back. One day the 3 Coast Warriors boys asked her to join their team, offering her a new life full of travel, parties, good times and adventure. She whole-heartedly accepted and has been one of the Coast Warriors ever since.