Coast Warriors Pty Ltd / Coast Warriors Terms & Conditions

By booking and physical attendance of of a Coast Warriors tour you fully agree with the below Terms & Conditions.

1. Cancellation A. Cancellations made with 48 hours or more notice have a 100% refund. B. Name changes can occur free at anytime. C. On very rare occasions we may cancel and fully refund customers in the event of very bad weather such as thunderstorms.

2. General  A. While all precautions and care will be take, no responsibility will be accepted for any additional costs uncured, to travellers due to delays, mechanical breakdowns, bad weather or unforeseen circumstances such as traffic. B. All customers are to behave in a respectful manner to other guests and listen to the guides directions. C. No illegal activity or dangerous behavior is to take place during a Coast Warriors tour. We take no responsibility for such behavior. D. All passengers are to remain seated whilst the bus is in operation. E. Seat belts are to be used if your seat has a  seat belt installed. F. No body parts are to be extended from the bus. G. No smoking is allowed within the bus or on National Parks territory . E.You have the option to eat the provided lunch and food by Coast Warriors though this is taken at your own risk. F. Tour itineraries may change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. *We hope that you respect our country and refrain from littering, bins are provided in the bus and on tour where required.

3. Liability Release Waiver A. Coast Warriors Pty Ltd and its staff take no responsibility for theft or damage to personal property at any stage. B. Coast Warriors strongly recommends and assumes that all customers have adequate travel insurance.

By booking and physical attendance of of a Coast Warriors tour you fully agree with the above Terms & Conditions.