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At Coast Warriors we think of our tours as personal experiences with our new friends. Meet the sexy crew and feel free to contact us anytime



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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have PayPal, can I pay with a card?
Yes we take payment via card, there is an option to pay with your debit card. If you wish we can give you our bank account details.

Do I have to bring a printed copy of my booking?
No, we love trees. No need to bring anything as we have your name and booking on our system. 

Where is the pickup? I am a little confused!
Please click on the following link ‘Pickup’ tab on this website

I am under 18 years of age
We are for younger adults please no kids….we do not check ID. Charters are any age

Can I bring luggage?
Usually yes, BUT please be sure to email us before and ask

Dietary Requirements
If you are vegetarian, vegan or have allergies please email us prior to your tour

What to bring
Depending on your specific tour, walking shoes, drinking water, warm jacket, swimming gear, camera, sunnies. Recommend backpacks to be small

Tour Amendment or cancellation
We are backpackers, we know shit happens. Often we can move you to another day or refund you. Please just email us in advance preferably a few days. Name change to a mate (or dorm buddy) are welcome even last minute. No shows on the day due to hangovers aren’t really acceptable but sometimes if the stories are awesome we can offer a future spot on a future tour if it has last minute space.

Groups, universities, colleges etc
Please click on the following link ‘Weekend Warriors‘ (we do single & multi day charters weekends and weekdays)

Any Questions Or Advice. Please Email Us

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