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Us legends at Coast Warriors Travel Australia have travelled  majority of Australia and many parts of New Zealand so can recommend the best options for your specific travels. We have some solid partnerships to get you the best prices on rental cars, rental campervans, hop on/off, hostels, hotels, tours and advice on how to save those precious dollaridoos! We dont chase the commissions….we chase the positive feedback and air high fives !!!!!

Let us Advise You

So us awesome travellers at Coast Warriors have backpacked not only the world but also most of Australia. Australia is a bit of a tourist mecca as we all know. There is literally hundreds of differing hostels, day tours, boat tours, surfing companies, tours, activities and I am sure that even the places to visit on your East Coast or downunder Adventure which will seem daunting. If you are seeking personalised advice on the best itineraries then def stick with Coast Warriors to get you through the process. Coast Warriors is Australias first B2B company, when we say B2B we mean Backpacker to Backpacker ha ha yeah we just made that bad boy up. We want the best for you guys in our countries (we are Aussie and New Zealanders) and wish to recommend only the best places, hostels and adventures….not the ones that offer the highest commission!

Key Places To See In Australia

  • Melbourne visit the Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles, Phillip Island and check out the sweet as graphite art and coffee culture in Melbs.
  • Jump in a shark cage surrounded by Great White Sharks near Adelaide
  • Sydney visit the Blue Mountains, Royal National Park, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley as well as do the Bondi to Coogee walk
  • Go dolphin kayaking in Byron Bay then check out the hippie town of Nimbin
  • Learn to surf at Surfers Paradise whilst taking in this ‘City on a beach’ view
  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef or even stay overnight
  • Sail the Whitsunday Islands on a party boat and hit up Whitehaven Beach
  • Camp under the stars on Fraser Island and have a swim in the amazing Lake McKenzie
  • Check out Ayers Rock
  • Jump in a barbie car on Magnetic Island and check out Koalas
  • Bungy Jump Into A Rain Forest or skydive onto a beach in Cairns

Through our own numerous East Coast Road trips and random holidays across Australia, New Zealand and over the years we can give you the best options to best suit what you want and your time in Australia. Guys we have been everywhere here!

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So shoot us a quick message below and see how we can help you out with your east coast Aussie adventure. Obviously there is no obligation to take up our offers and itineraries but most people do so. 

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